As you can see from the explanations of tuning, regulation, and voicing there is a lot going on inside a piano.¬†¬†Knowing this you may want to make sure that the person working on your piano is able to do more than just tuning. Ideally the person that you have work on your piano would be a Registered Piano Technician. RPT’s are members of The Piano Technicians Guild. They have passed a series of tests. These tests are the only professional standard in our industry.

Whoever it is, you can help them by talking to them about your expectations and experiences with the piano. Piano technicians are smart, but sadly, we are not mind readers. We do tend to notice quite a bit about every piano we tune. Without the mind reading skills we are not sure which of these things are an issue for you, the player. If we talk, we find out. Often these problems are easy to address. Every one wins.