I think that for many of us, our relationship with a musical instrument is often subject to some ebb and flow.  We all have different reasons for wanting to play . We all have time constraints. Many of us want to spend more time with our fingers on the keys. What follows are a few simple things that might help.

Learn some new music. Pick up some new sheet music. Learn a song from a favorite recording. Finding a new piece of music can keep things fresh. Or, even better, make up a new piece of music. Piano is great for this !

Play for friends. Play with friends. Get together with a friend that sings or plays another instrument. Also, don’t forget about piano duos. When you have some pieces together, consider playing at your next dinner party or at a retirement home.

Stop feeling guilty when you and the piano are “ebbing”, when it’s a challenge to find the time to play. The piano doesn’t hold a grudge. It just waits patiently. Pianos are always turned on, always booted up, always ready to go.

Take care of your piano. If it is playing well and sounding good it will call out to you.

Short and Sweet. In the middle of your busy day, sit down to play even if you only have a minute.

Go out to see live music. For me, good live music will either make me want to quit (temporarily ! ) or play absolutely all the time. Most of the time seeing something inspiring tends to put the piano  back on the radar.